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What a successful mHealth applications need, improved patient engagement?

Life in the digital age is driven by exponentially growing mobile devices and hyper-connected environment. Unlike other forms of communication, the ubiquity of mobile technology provides more promising solutions to the digitally empowered patients, who look for "anywhere and anytime" diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of their health conditions; and on other side helps healthcare providers to better deliver healthcare services “right thing at the right time” to patient through improved patient engagement. Patient engagement has always remained a critical element of successful positive health transitions. With the use of mobile healthcare applications, patients are properly educated about their condition to further facilitate effective and scalable tool for engaging patients even after post-discharge.

Has the way of delivering healthcare services evolved or just the way of patient engagement?

Undoubtedly, the mobile healthcare solutions can increase administrative efficiency, efficiently guide and monitor patient health, and help policymakers to best take the decision based on data and trends derived from it. More and more doctors are using smart devices and applications to ensure their virtual and physical presence to the times when needed the most. The mHealth applications can further help minimize readmission cost of the payers.

In the U.S., the biggest challenge with the cost control in the healthcare sector is in the variability of the outcomes. For instance, if a patient is going through a recommended routine as prescribed by the physician or doctor, the likelihood of them having smooth operation and recovery is comparatively high. However, if the individual is overweight or diabetic, obvious will lead addition in impediment that can result in readmission to the hospital and the patient may need the extended care facility that will incur additional cost for payers and providers.

Jason Fisher, CEO of JourneyLabs Inc., “In orthopedics, a good outcome cost around USD 12 to 15 thousand while a bad outcome that involves complications and needs for extended care can costs for almost USD 60 to 80 thousand. Therefore, the efforts are more concentrated towards reducing the numbers more closely to the lower side of the expenditure; by doing this, not only can the payers save money but also the patient recovers faster. Additionally, the mHealth apps play a major role in fewer likelihoods of patients developing after infection getting back to normal state is comparatively in less timestamp.”

Source: JourneyLabs mHealth Platform (JourneyLabs Inc.)

JourneyLabs Inc. creates custom journeys for participants, the involvement and contribution of doctors, patients, and caretakers (family or relatives) in the health journey allow keeping track of patient’s health to quicker the recoveries by automating regular touch points, in between face-to-face visits or through telehealth applications and automating actions based on responses. With the mobile applications, having the most important actions automatically escalated, doctors can ensure they are focusing on the patients that need the most immediate attention and minimize readmission costs. The mobile healthcare application vendors are focussing to make applications that can address either specific flow related to patient journey management, patient appointment management, billing cycle management or multiple flows within the process of delivering healthcare services to the patients.

Most of these mobile applications are either custom developed or integrated with other systems with different flows by their current requirement. Delivering digital healthcare services is a continuous process and usually, the actual transformation is triggered by automating flow modules one after other as per the priority of the stakeholders involved in the actual decision-making process. Considering the future, the disruptive technologies such as blockchain have the potential to revolutionize healthcare that increases the security, privacy, and interoperability of health records and keeps the patient at the center of the healthcare ecosystem.

According to Jason, “In future, blockchain can be used to add value to the existing system and altogether creates a new market space. The healthcare leaders are considering blockchain technologies to unlock new blue ocean strategies in the healthcare industry. Blockchain can be used to bring brand differentiation that can create a market space with unique organizational positionings leading to a near-term strategic advantage.” This technology could provide a new business model to efficiently share or exchange immutable and secure electronic medical records. Such technologies provide fertile ground for new development yet underneath risky million-dollar investments.

Healthcare is going through steady reformation; the healthcare services have been delivered to the patient in the same way from hundreds of the years. But the Information technology has given us means to store, process and retrieve that data, does not necessarily mean that healthcare has been better, it is just changing the people’s behavior, and processes to which technology is trying to fit itself.

About JourneyLabs, Inc.

JourneyLabs was founded by former Symantec business and development executives to improve participant outcomes in high-stakes relationships. Their proprietary cloud and mobile platform optimize enhanced information collection to enable responsive action, as well as long-term relationship analytics. The market opportunity is profound, as all industries work to optimize and manage key relationships through real-time intelligent communications. Their first vertical market solutions and customer relationships focus on the healthcare, employer, higher education and professional services markets.

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