Dairy Ingredients
March 7, 2023
Evolving consumer tastes for fortified dairy products
In response to the elevated health consciousness among consumers, functional ingredients like milk powder, whey protein, casein, and lactose are making their way in the creation of sumptuous ice-creams and beverages.

Appetite for dairy products is on the rise, with consumers seeking out healthy alternatives to complement an active lifestyle.

Over the past few years, internationally, the dairy trade has grown dramatically. A record high of 16% of the U.S. milk solids production was exported in 2020.

Nations are working together to address the global challenge of food security. In an effort to boost the milk production of Sri Lankan dairy farmers, the U.S. ambassador to Sri Lanka joined hands with the Sri Lankan Department of Agriculture on a USD 27 million project.

New dairy ingredients that are hitting store shelves are said to offer additional health benefits compared to normal milk. To raise the protein content in food and drink products without compromising texture and flavor, First Milk planned to create specialized whey protein powder for Arla Foods Ingredients in November 2022.

Apart from regular use, dairy ingredients are taking a deep dive into cosmetic and personal care products in the form of an aqueous solution of casein and milk as a natural moisturizer.

Transition to healthy dairy products, coalitions between nations to offer basic nutrition, and the appearance of novel dairy products in stores are proving to be growth accelerators for the dairy industry.