EMI Shielding
January 31, 2024
Guardians of Connectivity: Navigating the Need for EMI Shielding in Electronics
In the realm of electronics, EMI shielding is a formidable defense against disruptive electromagnetic interference. This technique has grown to enhance the reliability of electronic devices while excellently maintaining their optimal performance.

Today, humans rely on electronics more than ever before, and while electronic devices bring great utility and ease to one’s life, they also bring possible harm and a new form of environmental disadvantage with undesirable electromagnetic pollution. Considerable research efforts have risen to study the shielding of undesirable electromagnetic interference, leading to the development of efficient microwave absorption and EMI shielding materials.

2D materials, like graphene and MXene, are the most promising materials, as they have attractive properties and attract numerous application areas of sensors, supper capacitors, displays, wearable devices, batteries, and EMI shielding. The proliferation of 5G wireless communication and smart electronic systems encourages the world to bring lightweight, scalable, cost-effective EMI shielding materials.

New gaskets are on the floor for diverse applications, and they are all compliant with RoHS, REACH, and UL 94 V-0 Halogen Free regulations, aligning with the EMI shielding industry’s emerging dedication to environmental responsibility. In January 2024, DB Robert announced the newest Tech Etch breakthroughs in the Fabric Over Foam product line: UL-94 V-0 Certified 2400 and 2500 Series Fabric over Foam, a testament to innovation and quality in sustainable EMI shielding.

With the future of electronics always navigating an innovative path, the importance of this silent guardian called EMI shielding is expected to be huge, shaping the reliability and stability of electronic devices that drive our modern existence.