Microplate Readers
February 20, 2023
Mini microplate readers a next stop for laboratories and pharmaceutical companies
The mini microplate readers are gaining huge momentum across laboratories and pharmaceutical companies for major applications such as reporter gene expression, ELISA, DNA and protein quantitation, and cell viability.

The operational and strategic needs of labs are continuously changing, evolving, and expanding with the rising pharmaceutical industry’s R&D to discover novel drugs and therapies. The increasing funding for genomics and proteomics research is augmenting the need for automated, replicable, and accurate solutions to aid diagnostics/clinical research and to offset the lack of highly skilled laboratory professionals. This is where automated plate readers, including microplate readers, work to quantify protein and other activities via a specific light source connected through an optical filter for analyzing the sample.

Microplate readers in recent years are selected as a technical choice in the high-throughput screening for quantitative biology. The manufacturers are focusing on developing advanced microplate readers that help scientists, from academic labs to fast-paced biotechnology organizations, advance their research.

In June 2022, Molecular Devices, LLC launched SpectraMax® Mini Multi-Mode Microplate Reader to save researchers benchtop space and budget. Along with this, the innovators are upgrading mini microplate readers that feature three detection modes for fluorescence, UV-Visible absorbance, and luminescence.

The ongoing innovations and changing operational needs of laboratories and pharmaceutical companies, mini microplate readers are gaining popularity, which provide ease of use and flexibility for a broad range of research and life sciences.