Quantum Computing
January 20, 2023
Japan takes lead to expand quantum technology in practical applications
Japan’s interest in constructing innovation hubs and expanding its research capabilities is increasing dramatically in the wake of global competition in the quantum technology field.

Japan is driving quantum research and discovering infinite applications, including its use as a more efficient research tool for cryptography and developing new medicines. The 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan enabled the country to consider quantum technology the core technology for the nation's development.

The country's Quantum Technology Innovation Strategy, formulated in April 2022, plans to establish Quantum Technology Innovation hubs to enhance fundamental research, intellectual property management, and human resources development.

The Japanese government aspires to raise the number of quantum technology users to 10 million by the next decade and expand its use in varied fields such as medicine, banking, and new material development.

Additionally, the country is looking to design well-developed quantum computers to broaden its applications by 2039, which can significantly create lucrative opportunities for the country to stand out in the field of quantum computing.

Japanese businesses are exploring practical applications of quantum technology in securing communication, disaster management, worker shift scheduling, and railway operations.

The Japanese government strives to enter the global quantum computing race by putting its first domestically produced quantum computer into service by the end of March 2023.

In the past few years, Japan planned to improve world competitiveness in photonics and quantum technology through R&D projects and by creating multilateral/bilateral cooperative frameworks to ensure and strengthen security trade control.