Consumer Goods & Retail

The companies under the consumer goods & retail industry involve selling goods or services to the customer through multiple distributions rather than individual purchasing from manufacturers and industries. This sector includes companies involved in fast-moving and consuming goods, food production, clothing, beverages, and consumer electronics. The consumer goods & retail are integrating technology into every aspect of their operations and investing in R&D to drive innovation in supply chain and consumer products. In addition, with consumers becoming more powerful, the retail is continuously undergoing through the disruption. To catch the attention of the consumer, the new disruptive business strategies and personalized approach are being adopted. The emerging new brand entrants are more focused and adapting to new technologies like cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) to learn fast and mover ahead in the competition. The supply chain and security of consumer data are going to be a quick approach to provide differentiated services. In addition, the selling of brands directly to consumers skipping the retailers continues to grow.   

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