June 15, 2023
Aqueous-based Metal Cleaners
The Rising Demand for Aqueous-based Metal Cleaners in Sustainable Manufacturing
The manufacturing industry has been facing a significant challenge in dealing with the environmental impact of its processes. Traditional solvent-based metal cleaners have been extensively used, but their environmental impact is too significant. As a result, aqueous-based metal cleaners are currently becoming preferred choices across manufacturing industries due to their ability to provide sustainable solutions. This blog delves into the growing demand for aqueous-based metal cleaners and how they are changing the manufacturing industry.

More Environmentally-Friendly:

Aqueous-based metal cleaners do not contain harmful solvents, which makes them safer for the environment and human health. This type of cleaner can reduce carbon emissions as a result of less transport associated with the transportation of hazardous materials and also reduce waste by the reduction of consumable cleaners. It is generally accepted that the use of aqueous cleaning offers a much more environmentally-friendly set of cleaning solutions than solvent-based cleaners.

Improved Cleaning Performance:

When compared to solvent-based cleaners, aqueous metal cleaners generally perform better on most types of metals and prevent corrosion due to the minimal conditions possible for hydrolysis to occur. In addition, aqueous-based metal cleaners have the potential to limit the need for further surface cleaning. Aqueous cleaners also tend to be better at removing any organic stains found on metal surfaces.


Although solvent-based cleaners have remained in use due to their excellent cleaning performance, they are more expensive than aqueous-based cleaners. Aqueous cleaners’ cost-effectiveness seems to increase daily because they can save costs associated with the disposal of hazardous waste and with transport costs.

More User-Friendly:

Aqueous-based metal cleaners are more user-friendly in terms of operations and maintenance. They are usually easier to use than solvent-based cleaners and are safer for both the environment and the operator’s health. Moreover, they have a generally milder odour than solvent-based cleaners, improving the user experience.

Enhanced Productivity:

Aqueous-based metal cleaners offer an advantage in manufacturing lines where increase efficiency helps enhance productivity. Aqueous-based cleaners’ low foam formation, thermal stability, and resistance to bacterial growth can help prevent product variation, lengthen equipment lifetime and also reduce downtime and maintenance requirements.

The use of aqueous-based metal cleaners is rising in popularity over the use of solvent-based cleaners with companies choosing to embrace green alternative cleaning solutions. Aqueous-based metal cleaners have shown to be more environmentally-friendly, cost-effective, improve cleaning performance, more user-friendly, and increase productivity. Using the latest technology in aqueous-based metal cleaning solutions will benefit the company’s bottom lines while making their operations more sustainable. Being a part of a sustainable future while running a successful manufacturing operation can help attract eco-conscious customers and increase growth. It's always the best time to make a change with the cleaning solutions you use.