December 11, 2023
Arak Around the World: The International Ride of the Classic Spirit
Arak has made a comeback as the rare drink that’s welcome every time, as its vibrant flavor is compatible with all the central ingredients found in the most famous Middle Eastern dishes.

The anise-flavored liquor is one of the most classical spirits in the world, and a new generation of boutique distilleries is bringing back this centenarian drink to fresh audiences to honor Arak’s legacy. Producers are now sourcing the best of the best anise seeds to elevate the quality of their Arak.

Brands like Yeni Raki, El Massaya Arak, and Arak Le Brun are known to be the social glue during weddings or work promotions to breakups or job losses. Bali, Lebonon, and Jordon have seen the rise of Arak tourism, with many governments supporting its popularity. The Governor of Bali legalized some fermented beverages, such as wine, Brem, and Arak, based on Bali Governor Regulation No. 1 of 2020, and this is just the beginning of its success.

Inspired by traditional family recipes and techniques from ancestors, many new Arak companies are coming to the spotlight, harmoniously balancing the familiarity and the traditions of Middle Eastern Arak in a refreshed, Western craft-style offering.

Today, Arak can be served as shots for parties and events, on the rocks for unwinding at home, or mixed with other ingredients to make scrumptious cocktails while entertaining at home. With social media remixing the taste of Arak with new flavors and touch-ups, the new generation is slowly entering the world of traditional and heartwarming drinks that many should experience once, twice, thrice, or an uncountable number of times!