May 28, 2023
Luxury Vinyl Tiles: Hitting the Popularity Chart with Every New House
Durable, low maintenance, endless design possibilities, and easy on the budget, luxury vinyl flooring has become a perfect flooring solution for multi-family homes, apartments, townhouses, or condominiums.

Why spend money and cause yourself the headache of using subpar flooring products that get the job done but are not done well? Luckily for you, that's where luxury vinyl flooring comes into the picture.

Luxury vinyl tile flooring, otherwise known as vinyl plank flooring, is becoming a versatile flooring option that comes in narrow planks instead of the standard square-shaped tile most homeowners are accustomed to.

Because of its rectangular plank shape, luxury vinyl flooring is an affordable flooring material that can provide the look of wood at a fraction of the cost.

Not only is the material more affordable, but luxury vinyl planks are relatively easy for the average homeowner to install on their own — cutting down on the costs of hiring a flooring company for installation.

The flooring-making companies are racing to make customized luxury vinyl flooring that closely mimics natural wood flooring products' look and feel. Since luxury vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof while holding the realistic look of hardwood floors, it's an ideal option for kitchens, mudrooms, basements, baths, or other places prone to moisture.

Without doubt! Luxury vinyl flooring is taking the flooring industry by storm, and its popularity is growing with each passing day as it creates a better-performing flooring system that appears more realistic.