November 13, 2023
Pickles: Sweet, Sour, Spicey, and Everything in Between
Used as one of the oldest and most successful processes of food preservation, the pickling of vegetables and fruits is widely popular, and pickles have become a staple in kitchens around the world.

Consumed with sandwiches, as a side dish, or straight from the jar, pickles add a well-sought-after zing to meals. Pickles are available in diverse varieties and depend vastly on the culture of the country. While in India, mangoes and mixed vegetables are pickled with spices to create “achaar”, Japanese pickles are a common accompaniment to sushi. The United States boasts its dill pickles that are enjoyed with sandwiches or burgers, and “kimchi” is an integral part of South Korean cuisine.

Although at its core, pickling involves submerging vegetables or fruits in a salt or vinegar solution, the choice of herbs or spices, and other ingredients create a plethora of pickle flavors and textures. In addition, the low fat and calorific values of pickles make them an ideal snack and an excellent source of probiotics that can promote gut health.

Pickling has transcended the old ways, and companies are bringing new flavor fusions, unique artisanal craftsmanship, and pickle-infused products to the shelves every day.

In July 2023, Claussen®, a brand recognized for its signature refrigerated pickles, joined forces with Spritz Society to create an innovative pickle-flavored sparkling wine cocktail. Following an overwhelming response to a pickle-flavored concept as an April Fools' prank in 2022, Spritz Society and Claussen® have brought this idea to life with a refreshing and crisp pickle-flavored sparkling wine cocktail.

With the world of pickles undergoing a delightful revolution embracing diversity and creativity and chefs, food enthusiasts, and innovators concocting new flavors that go beyond conventional ways, there is something for everyone!