SMT Placement Equipment
July 25, 2023
SMT Placement Equipment: A Technology to take Chip Production on New Heights
The semiconductor industry is leaning towards improved machines and technologies to help them keep up with the demand. Automatic SMT placement equipment enables PCB producers to achieve higher outputs of superior quality.

With the consumption of printed circuit boards (PCB) reaching sky-high each year, the electronics industry always has a higher demand for surface mount technology (SMT) placement/pick-and-place machines. Contributing to as much as 50% of the total cost of SMT production lines, SMT placement equipment aids in positioning Surface Mount Device (SMD) electronic components onto the PCBs.

Significant efforts are being made to switch to automatic or semi-automatic placement equipment, moving away from manual ones to increment the production volumes by multifold.

Semiconductor production facilities have been upgrading their manufacturing lines with state-of-the-art machinery that has the capability to boost product yield, with potential improvements of up to 99.9%.

Recently in June 2023, Mantracourt Electronics Limited invested GBP 500k in their Exeter-based facility, upgrading their SMT placement equipment and replacing two machines with a new and advanced SMT pick and place line. The new equipment consisted of the Mycronic MyData300 Dual Head Mount Machine and Mycronic MyPro150 3D Automatic Inspection Equipment.

The upgraded versatile production lines are capable of manufacturing various parts suitable for diverse industries. Thanks to the implementation of an enhanced quality control system and newer technologies, run times and production uptime are expected to experience a never-before-seen hike.