Spice & Herbs Extracts
June 7, 2023
New spices & herbs to bring goodness that every plate deserves!
Consumer preference for flavorful delicacies and ethnic foods with inherently complex and sophisticated taste profiles are on the rise, building a foundation for vendors worldwide to create unique spice & herb extract combinations.

The spice trade in 2020 amounted to USD 3.61 billion, led by the flavor nations of China, India, Germany, and Turkey, and this number has only flown higher since then.

The authentic ethnic flavors based on Asian, American, Mediterranean, Indian, and Mexican cuisines are stepping toward the fusion era, where they meet each other to form a diverse set of taste magic for your relish.

With the highest quality sourcing being the new focus of the spice extracts industry, initiatives like the Sustainable Spices Initiative (SSI) strive for completely sustainable spice production and export in the sector.

The spice & herb extracts sector has scooped plenty of private and public investments and grants to flourish the research activities for developing new, viable flavors.

In April 2022, Manipal Natural, an ingredient supplier specializing in botanical extracts, received approval and a grant from the Indian Ministry of Commerce and Industry’s Spice Board to create an extract from spent turmeric for use as a dietary/food supplement.

New interests of the vendors are in bringing non-GMO spice & herb ingredients, containing no artificial colors or flavors, and are gluten-free.

As holidays, festivals, weddings, and any event of happiness, seeking fulfillment in tastes, herbs, spices & extracts are always the heroes. This season like every other, you’ll find your comfort in food, medicine, and wellness, but maybe they’ll have a different aroma and zest, one to cherish for all the years to come!