Transdermal Drug Delivery System
January 29, 2024
Through thick and skin with the exceptional transdermal drug delivery system
Transdermal drug delivery system (TDDS) has sprung up as an innovative method of drug delivery with a low rejection rate, ease of administration, and great convenience. With inventions in formulations, their future is strong in the medical industry.

Transdermal drug delivery offers an engaging alternative to oral administration and injection. Over the years, TDDSs have evolved in terms of the principle of transdermal facilitation technology, and several versions of TDDSs have been derived, which have significantly enhanced transdermal efficiency and even achieved personalized controlled drug delivery.

Governments, academic institutes, and pharmaceutical companies have widely worked on bringing advancements in TDDS, and their inter-collaborations have been a cherry on top for building new TDDS histories.

In September 2023, the National Institutes for Health agency awarded Satio, Inc. a USD 3.5 million Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract to develop SatioRx, a device that enables the delivery of a precise, metered dose of any liquid drug approved for transdermal delivery. With companies aiming for at-home drug and vaccine delivery, it could be a transformational potential for attaining better medical outcomes and efficiency and lowering the overall costs of healthcare.

While TDDS has made remarkable administrations in the delivery of therapeutic agents for pain management and hormonal therapy, they have found an emerging popularity in the skincare industry. Research on the mechanisms of penetration elevation, the action of chemicals within the skin, skin toxicity, and the making of novel and suitable formulations for the delivery of actives can boost the future expansion of TDDS in pharmaceutical and cosmetic arenas!