Publication Date
February 2024
USD 1.66 billion
USD 3.60 billion
USD 1.85 billion
Aquaponics Market by Growing Systems (Media Filled Beds, Nutrient Film Technique, Raft or Deep Water Culture), Equipment (Aeration Systems, Fish Purge Systems, Grow Lights), Application - Global Forecast 2024-2030

[190 Pages Report] The Aquaponics Market size was estimated at USD 1.66 billion in 2023 and expected to reach USD 1.85 billion in 2024, at a CAGR 11.64% to reach USD 3.60 billion by 2030.

Aquaponics Market
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Aquaponics is a sustainable farming technique that combines aquaculture and hydroponics and is gaining significant traction in the market. The growing inclination toward organic food has augmented aquaponics demand, providing a viable solution to end users by providing fresh and pesticide-free produce year-round. Furthermore, consumers' interest in sustainable farming techniques, minimizing water usage, and eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers has expanded demand for aquaponics in recent years. Despite the advantages, the high cost of setting up an aquaponics system has remained a challenge for market growth. The initial investment required for infrastructure, equipment, and operational costs is substantial, limiting the adoption of aquaponics among small-scale farmers. However, advancements in aquaponics technology innovations in automation, monitoring systems, and water filtration techniques are enhancing the efficiency and scalability of aquaponics operations. Along with these, the involvement and support of governments worldwide play a crucial role in promoting the usage of aquaponics. Many governments recognize aquaponics' potential to achieve food security and sustainability goals, where government organizations encourage farmers to adopt aquaponics systems through financial incentives, grants, and educational programs.

Aquaponics Market - Global Forecast 2024-2030
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Regional Insights

The aquaponics market is witnessing growth and opportunities across different regions, including the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. In the Americas, there is high consumer demand for organic food products. Consumers are increasingly seeking fresh, pesticide-free produce, which has led to a surge in the popularity of aquaponics as a sustainable farming technique, contributing to the region's aquaponics market growth. In the EMEA region, increasing awareness regarding sustainable farming techniques is fueling the adoption of aquaponics. Countries across Europe actively promote sustainable agricultural practices, and aquaponics aligns well with their sustainability goals. Advancements in aquaponics technology and systems enable more efficient operations and expand regional market opportunities. Across APAC, as the population grows, there is an increasing need for sustainable and efficient food production systems. Aquaponics addresses this need by providing a method that maximizes resource utilization while minimizing environmental impact. Governments across APAC recognize aquaponics' benefits and actively promote its usage through initiatives, subsidies, and knowledge-sharing platforms.

FPNV Positioning Matrix

The FPNV Positioning Matrix is pivotal in evaluating the Aquaponics Market. It offers a comprehensive assessment of vendors, examining key metrics related to Business Strategy and Product Satisfaction. This in-depth analysis empowers users to make well-informed decisions aligned with their requirements. Based on the evaluation, the vendors are then categorized into four distinct quadrants representing varying levels of success: Forefront (F), Pathfinder (P), Niche (N), or Vital (V).

Market Share Analysis

The Market Share Analysis is a comprehensive tool that provides an insightful and in-depth examination of the current state of vendors in the Aquaponics Market. By meticulously comparing and analyzing vendor contributions in terms of overall revenue, customer base, and other key metrics, we can offer companies a greater understanding of their performance and the challenges they face when competing for market share. Additionally, this analysis provides valuable insights into the competitive nature of the sector, including factors such as accumulation, fragmentation dominance, and amalgamation traits observed over the base year period studied. With this expanded level of detail, vendors can make more informed decisions and devise effective strategies to gain a competitive edge in the market.

Recent Developments
  • Aquaponics farm with rainbow trouts launches in France

    Les Nouvelles Fermes is an innovative French startup that has developed an urban aquaponics farm combining productivity and environmental responsibility. The company successfully secured euro 2 million in funding to construct one of the largest aquaponics farms in Europe. Spanning a 5,000m² (equivalent to 53,000 sqft) site in Mérignac, this facility boasts a remarkable daily production of 60 tons of fresh produce and 12 tons of rainbow trout annually. [Published On: 2023-06-14]

  • Springworks raises USD 22 million for fourth aquaponic greenhouse in Northeast

    Springworks Farm, an organic aquaponic greenhouse company, has secured a USD 22 million equity and debt investment to construct its fourth aquaponic greenhouse facility. Adding Greenhouse No. 4 will contribute an impressive 120,000 square feet production area. As a result, Springworks will have the capacity to produce 5 million heads of organic lettuce and 315,000 pounds of tilapia annually. [Published On: 2023-02-07]

  • CEVAS Technology Inc entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire Aquaponics Business Segment for CAD 3.7 million

    CEVAS Technology Inc. entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire the aquaponics business segment for CAD 3.7 million. The aquaponics business segment includes closed-environment vertical aquaponics systems and harvesting automated robotic vehicles. [Published On: 2022-11-02]

Key Company Profiles

The report delves into recent significant developments in the Aquaponics Market, highlighting leading vendors and their innovative profiles. These include Aquaculture Systems Technologies, LLC, Aquaponic Lynx LLC, Aquaponics Iberia, Aquaponics USA, AquaSprouts Inc., Back to the Roots, Backyard Aquaponics Pty Ltd., Colorado Aquaponics, ECF Farmsystems GmbH, Greenlife Aquaponics, Ichthys Aquaponics, Japan Aquaponics, Lake Orchard Aquaponics, Les Nouvelles Fermes, Metro Farm Pte Ltd., MyAquaponics PTY Ltd., MYFOOD, Neelithal Aqua Farms, Nelson and Pade, Inc., Ouroboros Farms, Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc., Ponic Greens, Portable Farms Aquaponics, Practical Aquaponics, Stuppy Greenhouse, Symbiotic Aquaponic, Tailor Made Fish Farms Pty Ltd., and The Aquaponic Source.

Market Segmentation & Coverage

This research report categorizes the Aquaponics Market to forecast the revenues and analyze trends in each of the following sub-markets:

  • Growing Systems
    • Media Filled Beds
      • Constant Flow
      • Ebb & Flow (Flood & Drain)
    • Nutrient Film Technique
    • Raft or Deep Water Culture
  • Equipment
    • Aeration Systems
    • Fish Purge Systems
    • Grow Lights
    • Pumps & Valves
    • Water Heaters
    • Water Quality Testing
  • Application
    • Commercial
    • Home Food Production
    • Research

  • Region
    • Americas
      • Argentina
      • Brazil
      • Canada
      • Mexico
      • United States
        • California
        • Florida
        • Illinois
        • New York
        • Ohio
        • Pennsylvania
        • Texas
    • Asia-Pacific
      • Australia
      • China
      • India
      • Indonesia
      • Japan
      • Malaysia
      • Philippines
      • Singapore
      • South Korea
      • Taiwan
      • Thailand
      • Vietnam
    • Europe, Middle East & Africa
      • Denmark
      • Egypt
      • Finland
      • France
      • Germany
      • Israel
      • Italy
      • Netherlands
      • Nigeria
      • Norway
      • Poland
      • Qatar
      • Russia
      • Saudi Arabia
      • South Africa
      • Spain
      • Sweden
      • Switzerland
      • Turkey
      • United Arab Emirates
      • United Kingdom

The report offers valuable insights on the following aspects:

  1. Market Penetration: It presents comprehensive information on the market provided by key players.
  2. Market Development: It delves deep into lucrative emerging markets and analyzes the penetration across mature market segments.
  3. Market Diversification: It provides detailed information on new product launches, untapped geographic regions, recent developments, and investments.
  4. Competitive Assessment & Intelligence: It conducts an exhaustive assessment of market shares, strategies, products, certifications, regulatory approvals, patent landscape, and manufacturing capabilities of the leading players.
  5. Product Development & Innovation: It offers intelligent insights on future technologies, R&D activities, and breakthrough product developments.

The report addresses key questions such as:

  1. What is the market size and forecast of the Aquaponics Market?
  2. Which products, segments, applications, and areas should one consider investing in over the forecast period in the Aquaponics Market?
  3. What are the technology trends and regulatory frameworks in the Aquaponics Market?
  4. What is the market share of the leading vendors in the Aquaponics Market?
  5. Which modes and strategic moves are suitable for entering the Aquaponics Market?

Table of Contents
  1. Preface
  2. Research Methodology
  3. Executive Summary
  4. Market Overview
  5. Market Insights
  6. Aquaponics Market, by Growing Systems
  7. Aquaponics Market, by Equipment
  8. Aquaponics Market, by Application
  9. Americas Aquaponics Market
  10. Asia-Pacific Aquaponics Market
  11. Europe, Middle East & Africa Aquaponics Market
  12. Competitive Landscape
  13. Competitive Portfolio
Companies Mentioned
  • Aquaculture Systems Technologies, LLC
  • Aquaponic Lynx LLC
  • Aquaponics Iberia
  • Aquaponics USA
  • AquaSprouts Inc.
  • Back to the Roots
  • Backyard Aquaponics Pty Ltd.
  • Colorado Aquaponics
  • ECF Farmsystems GmbH
  • Greenlife Aquaponics
  • Ichthys Aquaponics
  • Japan Aquaponics
  • Lake Orchard Aquaponics
  • Les Nouvelles Fermes
  • Metro Farm Pte Ltd.
  • MyAquaponics PTY Ltd.
  • Neelithal Aqua Farms
  • Nelson and Pade, Inc.
  • Ouroboros Farms
  • Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc.
  • Ponic Greens
  • Portable Farms Aquaponics
  • Practical Aquaponics
  • Stuppy Greenhouse
  • Symbiotic Aquaponic
  • Tailor Made Fish Farms Pty Ltd.
  • The Aquaponic Source
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The Global Aquaponics Market size was estimated at USD 1.66 billion in 2023 and expected to reach USD 1.85 billion in 2024.
The Global Aquaponics Market to grow USD 3.60 billion by 2030, at a CAGR of 11.64%
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